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The Twisted Crown

    2018 Literary Titan Book Award Winne


                       "...a layered exploration of family, loss, and love that deftly interweaves socioeconomic, political, and racial tensions in

Northern and Southern states during and after the Civil War."

The BookLife Prize

"...a well-turned page of historical fiction that seamlessly weaves together real events that happened during the Civil War

  and the reconstruction years. Her (Anita's) real achievement is putting on her pages flesh-and-blood characters, and heart-wrenching

accounts of the trials during that dark period in America's past."                                                        

"...a  hidden nugget of African American history, an emotional journey on every page, a real page-turner..."

Tony Sherman, Author/Artist

"...a deftly crafted, intriguing tale of the waning years of the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era. A strong cocktail of sweet

entertainment with a double shot of American history that is sure to leave any reader happy to pay the tab! I highly recommend this read!..."

Monica "m0e" Anderson, DDS, DBA

"What begins as an innocent quest turns into a saga of survival with epic characters along the way.

… a rich and fulfilling story with unpredictable plot twists and huge literary payoffs."

Norma L. Jarrett, Bestselling Author

" intriguing and enlightening story of a black woman's remarkable journey during a pivotal time in America's history. A well told story."

Everett Prewitt, Award-winning Author

 The TWISTED CROWN takes readers from the bustling  streets of Boston at the height of the  Abolitionist movement to the war-ravaged landscape of Reconstruction-era South Carolina. 


  Eva Phillips was born a slave, yet lived in freedom. The spirited young widow, whose husband died while fighting with the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, leaves her home in Boston to search for the African mother who gave her away twenty-one years ago.


  It's 1867.  The War Between the States has ended.  The slaves have been freed.  South Carolina remains in near ruin, and the federal government is attempting to reconstruct the political and cultural landscape of the former rebel state. Eva Phillips leaves the comfort and security of her home in Boston to venture into chaotic, post-war South Carolina to begin her journey.


  During her travels across the unruly landscape of South Carolina, Eva is befriended by black political activists promoting the rights of the newly freed slaves, a wealthy northern Carpetbagger, and a gutsy lady gambler who teaches Eva how to survive in the tumultuous post-war environment.


  When her search exposes a dangerous web of lies, theft, and murder, Eva finds herself the target of a long-awaited confrontation that forces her into a fight for her life.


 The Twisted Crown, inspired by the life of the author's great-grand father, is rich in authentic historical details, alive with unforgettable characters, and beautifully brings a vanished period of African American history to life again.

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Publisher: Rinard Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction

Trade Paperback Edition


Library of Congress CN: 201900339

Binding: 6x9 perfect Paperback

RRP: $14.95

eBook: $9.99

Page Count: 328

Word Count: 98,000

Photos: 3

Suggested Book Club Discussion Questions:8

Digital Author Review Copies (ARC) available

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