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Books by Anita Bunkley from Rinard Publishing

A Thousand Steps


 In 1855, risking eveything for a chance at happiness, two women - separated by class, race, and geographic distance - travel to the rugged plains of Indian Territory where their lives intersect in a stunning explosion of danger, death, and revenge.

From the snow-covered mountains of North Carolina to the untamed wilds of Indian Territory, A Thousand Steps takes readers on a perilous quest for freedom, truth, and love.

 "...suspenseful and engaging, Anita Bunkley took me back in time and place not often portrayed in our stories. A welcome change!"

                             - "NY Times Bestselling Author," Connie Briscoe

"The last 40 pages are impossible to put down. A must read for anyone interested U.S. westward expansion or just a good love story."

                               - Dana Johnson, Between the Lines Book Club

Emily, The Yellow Rose


From the shores of Galveston Bay to the Plains of San Jacinto, Emily, The Yellow Rose sweeps readers into a mesmerizing tale of Texas history and African-American folklore that has long been cherished by millions.

Set duing the mid-1830s, Emily, The Yellow Rose is the saga of a serving girl who lived and loved amidst the turmoil of the Texas Revolution. Little is known of the beautiful mulatto, Emily D. West and her mysterious lover, but their story lives on in the romantic ballad, The Yellow Rose of Texas -- a poignant folk song that flourishes today. 


"A delicious story generations of Texas have fervently wanted to believe"                                                             

                                          - The Houston Chronicle 


" A well-written chronicle of a land's birth and a woman's coming to love."


                                                  - The Book Reader

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